Young Researcher Award 2022

Young Researcher Award 2022

We are pleased to remind you that the AEEFI will grant, for the first time, a Young Researcher Award to the best paper presented at the Conference.

The AEEFI association is awarding a prize to promote research in International Economics and Finance, and to encourage the participation of young researchers in the Annual Meeting.

Any member of the Association younger than 35 years of age, on 31/12/2022, who presents a paper in the Annual Meeting, is eligible for the prize.

The Scientific Committee of the Annual Meeting 2022 is responsible for nominating the winner, based on: the scientific value and rigor of the paper, its distance from the state-of-the-art literature, and the relevance of the paper to the field of the association. The committee acts with absolute final authority, and no appeal is possible.

The winner will be declared after the final keynote speech of the AEEFI Annual Meeting in 2022. The participant’s presence during the ceremony in Malaga is required in-person.

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