Jornadas de economía internacional 2019 / Conference on International Economics 2019

Granada, España 27-28 de junio de 2019 / Granada, Spain June 27-28, 2019


How to reach Granada

Granada airport has many connections to Madrid and Barcelona and some connections to Paris, London and Manchester. Alternatively, Malaga airport is 120 km from Granada with many flights. From Malaga airport, there are frequent buses to Granada (for more information see


The 20th Conference on International Economics will take place at the Hotel Abades Nevada Palace.
Sultana street, 3 (Calle de la Sultana, 3)
Tel: +34 958 809999


  • Hotel and bus station
  • Hotel and airport
  • Hotel and city centre

– Metro/Tram: It crosses the city from North to South, thepricefor a single ticket is 1,35€ and the 5€ ticket isfor 6 trips. Each light rail stop has a vending machine whereyou can buyalltypesoftickets and vouchersfromtheMetropolitanof Granada. Theclosest stop tothe hotel is “El Palacio de los Deportes”. More detailedinformation can be found here.

– Bus number 8, stars in “Camino de Alfacar” and ends in “Carlos V- Palacio de los Deportes”, the stop rail islocatedjust 2 minutes onfoottothe hotel. This bus runsthroughtheentire “Gran Vía” and “Acera del Darro”, makingitcomfortableforreaching the hotel from different points of Granada. Thereisalso a circular bus called “BÚHO” (111) whichoperatesfrom 24.00 PM to 6.00 AM.Theticketcosts 1,40€ orifyoupreferyou can, also, buy a pass at the “tobacconists”, thepricewould be 0,87€. You can find more information here.

To get to Granada:

  • Highway
  • Granada’s aiport
  • Málaga’s airport
  • Train
  • Bus